Solution Introduction

ICT solution through thorough user analysis

iXebWeb standard HTML 5 based UI / UX Platform
A new method of WEB UI application development
that has never been present.

INZENT is an integrated UI/UX solution that makes it most easily to build up the web application system required by a corporate environment to the web-standard technology based on the HTML5. It consists of a pure web standard method ‘ iXeb Framework ’, ‘iXeb Studio’ a visual making tool that can easily and quickly develop business screens, and. ‘iXeb Manager’ to manage applications and development environments.
Product descriptions
  • icon_dot'Cross-Platform Development Environments Support' that can be developed on a Mac OS or Linux as well as Window
  • icon_dotNon-ActiveX‘, ‘Custom Tag UI Component ’ that created as a pure web standard
  • icon_dot‘Flexible execution environment without conversion process’, creating a Web Document directly from the UI making tool
  • icon_dot‘Data Slice Technology’, Fast response rate of large data
High compatibility
Custom tags are available in combination with various HTML TAG and web libraries.
Powerful WYSIWYG
Due to no Generate process, Web structure and script structure are match, can express as same in the development environment and web browser.
Easy maintenance
Even novice Web developers are easy to use and add new and additional services using only Custom tag.
‘iXeb Platform’ supporting Multi IT environments
  • icon_dotWeb standard of Non-ActiveX HTML5 Platform
  • icon_dotSupports multiple platforms as a single source & Multi browser
  • icon_dotBecause it is developed in a web standard development environment, not required to support HTML5 support.
  • icon_dotCustom style sheets are not required for each general-purpose browser.
Window, Mac, Linux and Multi OS
iXeb Platform 기술을 지원하는 로고1
A browser that supports standard Web specifications.
iXeb Platform 기술을 지원하는 로고2
PC, Tablet, Mobile
iXeb Platform 기술을 지원하는 로고3
Supports cross-platform development environments that can be developed across multiple OS
UI writing tool, which utilizes a variety of controls based on web browser engines to create UI screens in WYSIWYG format.
Frame Work Core Custom Tag Technology
· Custom tag is specialized technology that allow you to implement web component defined by World Wide Web Consortium (w3c) more easily and faster with its own proprietary technologies.
· With the constituent of Web Components for Templates, the unit combination of Custom Element, and optimization technique for Parsing, can remain optimized your web browser by minimizing the system load when generated an existing custom element.
Create HTML source code without conversion process
The screen UI writing tool(iXeb) has an excellent compatibility between development environments and execution environments, through the Pure Web Browser Embedding Technology, the screen code generated by writing tool( development tool) has an HTML format that can be run directly from a web browser.
Development and execution source code identical
High capacity data slicing processing
JSON Parser that provides the server API to process the received data in the Data Access section that receives the DB data sequentially and the data that is received in the quick and consistent request / response processing section, and the Dataset that loads the structured data and inputs it to the UI component. It is a technology that enables mass data and fast processing by outputting to a web browser with components and data binding.
icon_dotSlicing data processing technology structure
Development screen example
Expected Effect
  • icon_dot Secure the latest HTML 5 standard technologies designated in W3C and stable new technologies
  • icon_dot Development cost reduction - possible to build web application with beginner's level of development capability
  • icon_dot Maximizing productivity - function to automate screen and service creation
  • icon_dot Efficient maintenance - OSMU & Multi Device Support, Easy to apply various new technologies via development compatibility assurance
  • icon_dot Excellent performance – Bulk data processing rate
key performance
· Semantics : RDF, Microdata/formats
· Web Storage : Web DB, Indexed DB
· Geolocation API : browser based location information
· Web Socket : TCP for Web
· Canvas / SVG(Scalable Vector Graphic)
· Audio / Video: Playback without additional plug-ins
· Web Workers : Running threads, background scripts
· CSS3 : Dynamic screen configuration, responsive web design
standard technology & UX
· Browser-based identical execution environment : Browser-based Runtime
· N-Screen Response : Multi Use, Multi Platform, Multi Device
· Standardization of Web App Technology
User value-based
UX environment
· BYOD(Bring Your Own Device) : Any Platform / Device
· Smart device : Mobile, Semantic, Social, Seamless
· Cross-browsing : One Source Multi Use, Multi Platform