Solution Introduction

ICT solution through thorough user analysis

iWorksFinancial Integration UI Solution
“The highest share of domestic terminal system”
Built up with integrated ui development solution provided by INZENT.

iWorks, X-internet-based ui integration solution, is designed to configure ui to suit user patterns and efficiently accommodate various tasks. It also provides additional functions and various user-friendly functions to improve inter-work data interoperability and efficiency, and tools for rapid new business development and change application and convenient management operation.
Configure the latest UI styles
Depending on the customer's work style, menus and other content areas can be placed in portlets that can be moved, and the portlet control is positioned to the left and right to provide an optimal user environment by sliding.
Financial front work UI integration platform provision
Because it needs various special features, it provides a platform with various functions to integrate UI. It accepts web-based work through screen dynamic configuration and provies plug-in function for special task processing such as call center, BPR
Marketing and sales function enhancements
By building customer-centered UI integration, we provide customers with a single view of additional information such as customer information, marketing, and sales information to help them maximize sales activities.
User authority / Customized menu by task and UI provision
According to the user authority set in the terminal management server, the UI pattern that is suitable for the task menu configuration and each user's work type is configured. In addition, users of integrated terminals can use the environment of the terminal screen by re-setting according to the work characteristics or business tastes of each individual.
Provide workflow capabilities
Provide two types of integrated terminals: "Pre-Define workflow" defined by business developers and "User-Define workflow" defining user's own business process. Two types of workflows simplify complex tasks and help you handle tasks more easily and efficiently.
Screen-to-work screen linkage and data linkage
Integrated UI provides various data interlocking functions such as input screen, pop-up data interlock, inter-screen interlock, etc. to minimize duplicate input of user and to support the speed of business processing. Once the data entered by the user is stored in the Global Shared Data Area, it is requested when the data linkage is needed
Electronic Journal Function
Can search journal data accumulated in the integrated terminal itself. It accepts inquiries in various conditions and can check transaction execution information and input / output data, and It provides output function of report form as well as re-transaction or document re-factor in inquiry result.
Key Features and Benefits
Viewer ‘iWorks’
  • icon_dotWorkFlow Process
  • · Rule-based processing
  • · Minimize work variation according to proficiency
  • icon_dotDevice Manager
  • · Provide integrated device I / F
  • · Manage multiple Device
  • · Job Schedule support
  • · Fault indication and fault handling
  • icon_dotProtocol Manager
  • · Supports various types of communication protocols
    (TCP, SNA, TP-Moniter, HTTP/HTTPs, FTP, sFTP etc)
Design Tool ‘iDev’
  • icon_dotDevelop Wizard
  • · Autogeneration of control using I / O information
  • · Providing standard UI Template
  • · Automatic placement of controls
  • icon_dotScript Wizard
  • · Scripting function through GUI
  • · Common function creation and editing function
  • · Providing function creation and Variable setting facility by work
  • icon_dotProtocol Manager
  • · API checking function for control properties and functions in development tools
  • · Create intelligence API and provide sample view of API
Maintenance ‘iManager’
  • icon_dotEfficient Manage
  • · Providing central control distribution function and unit distribution function by sales branch
  • · Providing control and fault management functions for sales branch terminals
Case studyUI integrated terminal construction status
Case study 1.
K Bank - UI integrated terminal construction status
K-bank's next-generation terminals are structured to support 'reverse ㄱ', ‘Top frame', ‘ㄷ', and 'ㅁ-shape‘ depending on user work tendency, and each frame area provides a customer information area including business menus, marketing and sales information, and business help information on each screen.
  • icon_no.1Navigation, such as CI, Quick navigation / menu navigation, Functional menu
  • icon_no.2Messages such as notifications and announcements of responsible person approval
  • icon_no.3Input / output form field, transaction title, transaction button
  • icon_no.4Portlet icon that controls Sub Navigation and Portlet Contents area
  • icon_no.5Sub menu of main menu or contents of transaction search, favorite menu or supplementary service (stock index, exchange rate, customer information)
  • icon_no.6Portlet icon that controls portlet contents related to supplementary service
  • icon_no.7Content related to supplementary services (stock index, exchange rate, customer information)
Account Activity - Online Transaction Types
Call Center -Dashboard form
Information work - Trend graph form
Information work - Status graph form
Case study 2.
I Bank - Linkage data between bank and work screen
Supports fast business processing by sharing input data between each business screen, supports scene development method by using pre-customer data search using integrated search
Case study 2.
I Bank - bankbook printer spooling function
Various devices can be linked by using Device Manager which manages various devices required for business. Also, by using the bankbook printer spooling function, it is possible to use the terminal while outputting the bankbook printer for organizing the bankbook.
Case study 2.
I Bank - Providing WorkFlow between bank and work screen
The screen development process for work processing is displayed at the bottom of the screen as a diagram. It expresses the step that has been performed so far and moves the data in the transaction screen when moving to the next step.
Build-up result
· Next generation channel integration and integrated terminal system
· Next generation UI integrated terminal system
· Next generation integrated terminal system
· BPR system terminal construction
· BPR System UI Solution
· Next generation channel integration and integrated terminal system
· UI integrated terminal system
· Next generation MCI and integrated terminal system
· UI Integration and MCI System
· Next generation MCI and UI integrated terminal system
· Construction of next generation system of Gwang-ju Bank
· Next-generation UI system construction
· Integrated terminal and channel integration system
· Card channel integration and terminal system
· Next generation system channel integration and web terminal
· Bank / card terminal and channel integration system
· Post Next Generation UI Integration Terminal Construction
· Upgrade of integrated terminal system
· Integrated terminal and channel integration system