Solution Introduction

ICT solution through thorough user analysis

LibekaIntegrated library system
Based on the research and analysis of domestic and overseas commercial e-library system, it was developed to overcome the problems and vulnerabilities of existing systems, to provide convenience of operation and management for librarians, and to provide better information service to library users .
ECM Connection
· Unified UI / UX of ECM and library solution
· Integrated search of ECM and library materials in user portal
· Increase work efficiency through integrated management of original text and bibliography
* ECM : Enterprise Contents Management
Libeka : Books and contents management system for next electronic library
· RIA-based book & contents management solution with GS certified product
· Compatibility is secured by observing various library standards such as Integrated MARC
· 안정성을 기반으로 한 신뢰성 확보
· Ensure reliability based on safety
· Using Tree structure to provide user’s interface
· Web-based book &contents management solution
· Unicode, multilingual support (Multi Library Single System)
· Without Active X, it can be operated independently on the OS or Browser
· Provides user sevices on WEB 2.0 and Library 2.0 and applied universally regardless of country, language, and type of library.
· Support service process logging.(Easy to manage data by recording the processed event and data processing status during all work processes, and reduce maintenance cost)
· 100% Web based library automation system and electronic library integration system that strictly comply with the international standards such as Unicode,XML,MARC,MODS,and DC
Writing Pocess
· Tree structure and A and B folders in each stage of process for convenient operation of data.
· Simplification of writing process
· Free budget process
· Inspection of copy of KERIS and KOLIS-Net.
· Unicode Unicode-based systems
· Simultaneous full screen editor and line editor
· KORMARC, Integrated MARC, MARC 21 support
· Support main location and branch locations.
· Mutual lending feature between branches/campus and local libraries.
· Various forms of lending for the types of libraries such as general lending, special lending, and non-publication lending.
· Writing periodicals- listing –automatic connection
· Integrated process of selection-purchase- transfer- check in- binding.
· Easy to designate volume pattern.
· Applies various schemes simultaneously.
· Set metadata-to-metadata relationship information
· Processing functions for non-electronic files
System management
· Management feature for system administrators and librarians.
· Authority set for each administrator.
· Web access authority for each user
HERMES(User service and homepage)
· Application of Web2.0 concept
· Web management system for administrators
· Various search methods and search results
Business areas and Case Studies
Specialty Library : Public
· Higher Institute of Science
· Science and Technology Policy Institute
· National Human Rights Commission
· National Fusion Research Institute
· National Ecological Reserve
· National Fisheries College
· Legal Training Center
· Child Rearing Policy Institute
· Unification Education Center
· Korea Crafts, Design Culture Promotion Agency
· Korea Institute of Curriculum and Evaluation
· Korea Institute of Finance
· Korea Institute for Health and Social Affairs
· Korea Health Industry Development Agency
· Korea Securities Depository
· Korea Asset Management Corporation
· Korea Local Tax Institute
· Seoul Welfare Foundation
· Democratization movement commemoration business meeting
· US embassy
· National Assembly Library
· National Library of the Disabled
· Anyang City 10Library
(50 small interlibrary loans)
· National Fusion Research Institute
· Yongsan-gu Office Yong-AmChildren's Library
· Sae-But library
· Vision Library
· Hadong-gun small library
· Suwon / Uijeongbu citySmall Library
Specialty Library : Enterprises
· Kumho Tires
· Hyundai Card Information Archive
· Hyundai Card Design Library
· Hyundai Card Travel Library
· Hyundai Card Music Library
· Hyundai Card Cooking Library
· SKT T-library
· Daishin Securities
· Incheon Port Corporation
· CJ
· Korea Hydro Nuclear Power
· Pohang Women's Hospital
· Amore Pacific Museum
· Tree node
University library
· Korea National Open University
· Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology
· Incheon Global Campus
· Gyeongbuk Provincial University
· Dongyang University
· Kyungpook National University
· Daekyung University
· Uzbekistan World Economic Diplomacy University
Case study 1.
Korea National Open University Digital Library
Key Features
· Integrated system supporting more than 50 branch structures
· Acquired certification mark for web accessibility for the disabled
· Integrated management of books and digital content
· Providing mobile services
· Learning support service using SNS
· Ainek Winback
Case study 2.
Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology Electronic Library
Key Features
· Integrated system of LAS and CMS
· Lecture Book
· Application of commercial CMS on library homepage
· A responsive library homepage that can be served by various devices (PC, tablet, mobile, etc.)
Representative Case Studies
National Library for the Disabled, Anyang City, Korea National Open University, Daegu Gyeongbuk Institute of Science and Technology, Hyundai Card, etc.


icon_dot10 libraries in Anyang
- 1.2 million holders / 38 million users
- 600 daily lendings
- Interlending with more than 50 small libraries in Anyang City
- Book binding service
Stable service

icon_dotKorea National Open University library
- The largest number of students in Korea National Open University’s library Solutions  (50 locations in 14 cities across the country)
- Collection: 291,057 species
- Number of users: 740,476

icon_dotInspirational Space Hyundai Card Library
- Hyundai Card Travel Library
- Hyundai Card Design Library
- Hyundai Card Music Library
- Hyundai Card Cooking Library
- Hyundai Card Information Archive
- Hyundai Life Resource Center
- Hyundai Commercial Archive
- Hyundai Capital Archive
PhantomHTML5 based integrated data management system
We have succeeded the idea of ​​libeka 2.0 and have developed Phantom to provide the latest technology, accurate and prompt information to the users, thereby raising the reputation of the library and the librarian's pride.
Customized packages optimized for the work environment of the library / institution
· Providing the functions of each business area as a unified work environment
· Providing customizable menu structure optimized for business characteristics by type, term setting, business process, permission setting function for menu access control
· Providing multi-language business environment (language used by business users)
· Define business and service regulations by library / library branch
· Sharing and interlibrary lending by library branch or library using same system
· Providing business functions to build and manage rich and diverse meta content based on XML Schema
· Providing metadata definition and list function for institution-specific document meta format (Survey building and search for minutes, reports, etc.)
· Provides a collection service function that enables a directory search service
· KERIS / KOLIS, Z-Server, Open API, etc.
· Non-professional librarian provides a simple editor to easily build mark data
Pure WEB based environment
· Supports various browser / device usage environments.
· Do not use Active-X.
· Web2.0 / Library2.0 is a solution to participate in the event.
· Various APIs are provided to meet various service needs.
· Provides library user interaction interface through organic linkage / link between OPAC and LAS.
Compliance with Korea / International standard technology
· This solution was developed using the Korean e-government standard framework.
· Unicode (UTF-8) based data management
· Use international / standard technologies such as XML, MARCXML, SISAC
· KORMARC, integrated KORMARC, MARC 21 format support
· Generate data model using XML Schema such as DC, MODS
OS / DBMS Independent Operating Environment
· JAVA based
· Server OS Support : Windows, Unix, Linux
· DBMS Support : Oracle, Tibero
· WAS Support : Apache, Tomcat, WebToB, Jeus
Responsive Independent Operating Environment (Responsive Web)
Need for Support
Likelihood of showing content Limit Limit Limit
Supported Device Mobile, Tablet
Mobile, Tablet
Tablet, Desktop
Main Device Mobile Mobile, Tablet
Tablet, Desktop
Corresponding View Mobile View
Need for Support
Likelihood of showing content Full Full Full
Tablet, Desktop Tablet, Desktop Desktop Desktop
Tablet, Desktop Desktop Desktop Desktop
Corresponding View Desktop View