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Document CentralizationXtorm + MyGuard
Documents that are produced in the enterprise are scattered in various places such as personal PC, file server, and groupware. As a result, the management system is insufficient and its difficult to deal the security problems, redundant storage, sharing and recycling problem. These problems should be solved by establishing an enterprise standard classification system, management system and the endpoint storage control which is based on ECM document centralization system.
Construction of ECM-based document centralization system.
Establish enterprise standard classification
systemand security regulation
ECM Workbook Management
Endpoint Storage Control
Use and share property
and body search
Customers who need to adopt document centralization
Customers who need to prevent outflow of intentional documents ,drawings by internal users and to prevent leakage of output by outsourcing developers.
Customers who want to efficiently utilize the data of the periodical system (portal, groupware, CRM, etc.)
Customers who need to search and utilize the contents of accumulated electronic documents through various search functions
Customers who want to systematically manage the resigner and the business succession of frequent departure movement from the system
Customers who not only have difficulties in communicating and sharing work among members, but also want to manage document by department/task
Customers who worry about safety and convenient e-mail distribution method for personal information with other organization in network separation environment
Customers who want to establish a unified document management process according to the Enterprise Standard Classification System
Customers who are considering introducing separate endpoint security solutions to fundamentally block the leakage of data through external storage media such as USB
Expected effect
Document capitalization · Manage your personal PC and cabinet’s important documents
· Various forms of personal management
Activate information sharing · Only receive passive information.
· If there is no person in charge, it can not be able to share and use necessary information.
Increase business productivity · Bring related materials and notebook when on a business trip
· Need colleague’s help when you are not in office
Strength information protection system · Due to individual document privatization, There could be a risk of information leakage and loss
One Source Multi Use · Product and manage documents on personal PC
· Duplicate documents happened in the unit system
Strengthen reporting and collaboration system · Its difficult to review at work
· Inconvenience of rapid communication
· Unclearness of the document's responsibility
Efficient business succession · Risk of information loss by individual work
· It takes a lot of time to grasp work
Document capitalization · All documents are managed systematically on the central server
· Increase asset rate through forced storage
Document capitalization · Through fulltext search share document and content
· Sharing, utilizing and collaborating information in the absence of a person in charge
· Responding to various needs of knowledge management
Activate information sharing · Use integrated search recycling document
· Disseminate excellent achievements, shorten document creation and processing time
Increase business productivity · Control document flow from production to discontinuity/Monitorable
· Prevent document loss by controlling document-level access rights
· It needs Administrator approval when saving documents to external storage
One Source Multi Use · Prohibit storage of document on PC
· Document management system, original document management, unit system – Link
Strengthen reporting and collaboration system · Its possible to collaborate from writing documents and working with roles
· With visualization of work, make it easy to adjust workload within team
Efficient business succession · Ensure business continuity with fast business succession
· Prevente loss of company's know-how
Solution composition



MyGuard(Endpoint Control)

· Strong performance and stability verification
· Structured/ Unstructured Data Generation / Utilization / Sharing / Disposal Management
· Automated lifecycle and version management
· Efficient information retrieval through attribute and body search
· Interface which is based on Standard Windows Explorer
· Minimize user inconvenience by making Same environment as user PC
· Interworking with existing enterprise security solutions(DRM)
· Interworking groupware / portal in company, Efficient takeover.
storage /
distribution control
· Apply data encryption, External distribution in the form of encrypted security file
· Control the use of local disks, control the use of external storage media
· Watermarking, output control, screen capture prevention
· Protecte against viruses such as Ransomware and Spyware etc.
1.Convenience 2.Performance
· Standard Windows Explorer Interface which is based on Web UI · Minimize unnecessary transactions through thumbnail preview function · Provide PC document de-duplication and migration tools(document shift) · Proven solution for high-volume transaction processing · Local security area for high-volume CAD work · Streaming function for network load balancing · Provide distributed storage function for headquarters and offices
3.Scalability 4.Manageability
· ECM can be extended with records management system · Provide SAP ERP data archiving function. · Scalable to document collaboration systems with partners · Scalability of HTML5-based mobile connectivity · single vendor supply for ECM, local control solution · Real-time check of server status and load by providing dashboard monitoring tool · Provide monitoring function of document transfer status
BusinessApplication example
Case of business innovation through document centralization
  • icon_dotDocument capitalization
  • · Inventoryize valuable Document-Oriented Document(Reduce non-governmental documents custody)
  • · Make it possible to use concept of inventory management to manage life cycle
  • · Exclude duplicate documents and other documents to ensure the necessary documents into one document
  • icon_dotEnsure business visibility
  • · Expanding sharing of work-related achievements through search and utilization of documents
  • · Efficient work coaching and supplementation through real-time monitoring of all tasks.
  • · Eliminate the waste and inefficiency of office work and concentrate on valuable work
  • icon_dotImprove speed of business processing
  • · Improve work efficiency by shortening time of document creation and processing(Collaboration, real-time review / supplementation)
  • · Minimize work gap when there is no person in charge such as self-attendance, business trip, vacation
  • · Acquire business continuity with ECM business succession
  • icon_dotClarification of business responsibility / authority
  • · Rapidly transferable to a specific purpose (new product development, etc.) management of output (between R & D and production)
  • · Responsibility is clearly defined because the execution tasks and the person in charge are managed in relation to the written documents
  • · Acquisition of work in ECM enables quick business continuity
  • icon_dotEnhance document security
  • · Consistent security policy enforcement(Rights management, print restrictions, etc.)
  • · Through document flow control and monitoring enables rapid detection of anomalies
  • · Send file location information only to prevent sharing document with un-authorised man when sending mail