Solution Introduction

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iGateChannel Integration Solutions
iGate is a Solution Which is based on ESB(Enterprise Service Bus) to intergrate domestic and Foreign Channel , Internal task system and Link to external channels.
With the rapidaly changing IT environment, All systems are connected to the network and there are a lot of media and systems should connect internet on real time, This creates a complex connection structure, high cost, low production, inefficiency problem. It is a solution that can integrate and link various channels to solve this problem
iGate is the optimal solution for building a intergrated interface hub. It is not only just a transaction processing engine but also a framework package comprised of iTools, an intergrated development environment to implement connected business, iManager for operation and management.
By building an IGATE-based integrated interface hub, It integrates discrete data, services and multi-channels.. Separate the channel that is the Access Area and the data that is the security area to enhance security of important data such as customer information.
In order to satisfied the Variety requirements of channels and systems, iGate estabilish Integrate Interface Hub to make sure Integrate multiple business services into one service, Extend flexibility of the service and Prevent increasing complexity of service.
Message conversion
Supports various professional formats for professional linkage between internal&external channels and systems. Supports new professional formats by expanding basic parsers and composers if it necessary. All settings of processing parsing, mapping, and composing are defined as Rule and apply a new specialization format without additional coding and server restart.
Provides a single view of an integrated operating development environment
Integrated development / operation / management into one screen Supply one-stop service from development to monitoring and management, Maximizing development productivity and work efficiency
Providing link development function of GUI environment
It provides Message Designer which defines professional I / O and Mapping Rule for developing linked work and workflow designer that defines transaction processing Flow Rule. Define Adapter Operation, Interface Operation, and Service Operation using workflow designer to implement various transaction processing flow
Support unit test
The function test tool provides the function to support the test by setting the field of the input specialist and the output specialist according to the test case by sharing the pre-registered professional information , not just using simple dump data to send or receive test.
Provide monitoring
Provides an intuitive and simple monitoring screen for igate professional managers or developers, as well as the system status room monitoring man. Provides a separate monitoring screen that can easily recognize the link status between the channel and the business system, transaction processing status, and error occurrence information.
Security Control function
Recently, various security incident such as leakage of customer information have occurred. The iGate solution has its own security features and the encryption processing part which is a proven third-party product that can be customized. It has various conformity checks and linkage / transaction control functions which has been operating for five years without any fault.

Function Detail of function
Security Enhanced Interface · Supports HTTPS / SSL security protocol
· Hybrid configuration based on TCP / IP and HTTP protocol for connection configuration in SBC environment
Data Security · Encryption processing of transaction specialist
Device/User verification · Log-in registered device/User verification
Session Verification · Verifying abnormal transaction requests per transaction
Request transaction verification · Verification of the data of the request transaction on every transaction
Encrypt transaction tracking data · Save encrypt tracking log data files for transaction tracking
· Customer information inquiry masking view
Function Detail of function
Transaction Restrictions · Link control function(Block/unblock)
· Link control function(IP,time,point,system etc)
· Use as planned emergency stop or emergency control function in case of a failure
Flow control · Flow control by session / thread POOL in case of abnormal transaction
· Ensuring stability of iGate system and target system
Control mapping data · Send the data which is required by the mapping to the target system
· Unnecessary customer information leakage is blocked by rule.
  • icon_dotMulti Channel Integration
  • · Business Channel(Customer contacts: Branch offices, internet banking, automation equipment, call centers, smart phones, etc.)
  • · With the development of technology and the introduction of various services, it provides speed and flexibility to easily and quickly integrate ever-expanding channels and systems.
  • icon_dot Integration of internal channels and services(MCA)
  • · MCI + Channel Service(or Biz Hub)
  • · Maximize communication with customers through product integration, customer integration, marketing & sales integration, and provide services which meet customer needs
  • icon_dotExternal Channel Integration(FEP:Front-End-Processor)
  • · Establish linkage between various external agencies and services such as B2B and B2E.
  • · Quick response to various technologies and environments such as Big Data and O2O, Expansd partnership between institutions, interoperability with domestic and overseas services, etc.
  • icon_dotIntegration of internal and external interfaces(ESB)
  • · Integration of data and services through iGate-based integrated interface hub
  • · By separating the Access Area channel and the data that is the security area, enhanced the security of important data such as customer information
  • icon_dotIoT channel connection
  • · A set of objects (sensors, appliances, vehicles, etc.) Channel management and various types of data linkage
  • · Provide IoT or Bigdata server linkage and management function
  • icon_dotIntegration of internal business systems( EAI )
  • · Integration between systems within a company
  • · Provide standardized and integrated operating environment including enterprise application and communication method