Company introduction

Introduce INZENT to lead the IT industry.

CEO Greetings
It was established to develop and supply hardware and
software to maximize productivity.
INZENT has a 65% share of the terminal system by establishing the integrated terminal system of domestic financial institutions with the know-how of financial solution for 17 years. Not only here, we are also continuing to expand our portfolio areas of IT businesses such as information security, document centralization, and electronic libraries.
ICT company specializing in infrastructure solutions in various industries, INZENT
INZENT has market dominance through endless efforts as a self-developed solution that can maximize UI / UX solution, channel integration solution, integrated contents management, information security, integrated library system and document centralization. NZENT boasts the best performing solution in Korea.
Be the Best Biz Partner!
INZENT is a company that embraces technology, generation and era that satisfy customers.
Only financial services that consistently and continuously deliver what customers want, regardless of time and place, can lead the generation and technology. INZENT is always the best partner for this customer-centric business. Thank you.
C.E.OJung sung-gi